What is the season in which the growth of bile occur?


Learn about the issues, the causes and preventive measures for growth in the amount of bile

According to Ayurveda the human body is comprised from Vata, Pitta and Kapha. All three of them must be in harmony to remain healthy. If any of them is out of balance, various illnesses start to develop. Many diseases are caused by an imbalanced Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The imbalance causes issues with chronic diseases. We are currently discussing an increase in pitta levels in the body. This means that when pitta levels increase within the body, when this happens, the patient must deal with the signs that are associated with pitta dosha. Let us know more about what exactly is Pitta Dosha? In what season is the probability of getting pitta Dosha is very high?

How do you define Pitta Dosha?

Pitta is comprised of two elements: water and fire. Pitta regulates the hormones and enzymes created in the body. The body’s temperature as well as the digestive fire can be controlled through Pitta. Bile is located inside the small intestinal tract as well as stomach. This is why it is crucial to maintain a balanced of pitta so that you stay healthy. There are more than 40 types of ailments can result due to pitta imbalance. This is known as pitta dosha. Because of pitta dosha the digestive fire begins to weakenand the food consumed is not fully digested. Because of pitta dosha or pitta imbalance stomach related issues such as acidity, constipation and indigestion can be a problem for people. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it in a balanced state. Pitta is able to be maintained in equilibrium by following a healthy eating and lifestyle.

What time of year does the amount of bile increase?

In addition, due to pitta-resistant diets and bad habits, pitta may grow throughout the year. However, in the winter months, the possibilities of increasing pitta are higher. In addition there is a good likelihood of pitta increasing in puberty. Pitta is frequently aggravated by hot foods such as dry fruits red chillies, hot spices and so on. Additionally when you are under stress, working too hard or exercising over capacity, pitta may rise. To maintain Pitta in balance, it’s beneficial to consume foods that are cold tasting. Additionally, light exercising is recommended.

Pitta Dosha Causes

A poor lifestyle and a bad diet are believed to be the major cause of pitta dosha. The more spicy food items, spicy and pungent can cause pitta to become more severe. In addition hot and spicy foods, as well as sour ones can also cause pitta to increase throughout the body. Being stressed and anger, as well as drinking excessively alcohol may also result in pitta dosha. Additionally eating food at the wrong time and being overly stressed can also cause an increase in pitta. Sesame oil, mustard oil, meat etc. aggravate pitta. Through eating coconut, buttermilk water as well as fruits and vegetables pitta stays in equilibrium.

How you can Balance Pitta Dosha?

  • Ghee is the most effective option to calm pitta.
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables can also aid in balancing pitta.
  • Every type of pulse keeps the pittas in check.
  • Salad or sprouted grains, and aloe vera juice is a great way to calm pitta. These are the most effective methods to manage pitta.
  • Massage your body with cold oils like coconut oilor sandalwood oil.
  • It is a good idea to walk after you eat. Beware of walking in the sunlight.
  • Don’t bathe in hot water. Bathe in cold or normal water.

If you suffer from pitta prakriti, it’s essential to follow the correct diet and lifestyle to ensure it is in equilibrium. Pitta can be controlled through this and many ailments can be prevented. If pitta dosha occur seek out a doctor immediately.

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