What is the reason why children eat clay? The cause and harm of clay eating.

Many times you have probably seen children scratching the walls, eating chalk and mud. These habits are often a concern for parents. Have you ever wondered what makes children eat clay or chalk? According to common belief, chalk or clay is eaten by children because they lack iron or calcium. Clay and chalk eating is not a common habit. Sometimes, even adults start to do this. According to many studies, the reason children eat chalk or clay is because they lack certain nutrients. However, it’s not necessarily true that all children eat clay because they lack nutrients. Sometimes, children’s habit of eating chalk or clay is due to an eating disorder. We will explore why clay is preferred by children. What are the possible consequences?

Clay is a good choice for children. Why does a baby eat soil?

Most cases of chalk or clay eating in children’s homes are due to a lack of iron and calcium. There could be other causes. Dr. Sheikh Zafar, a pediatrician at SCPM Hospital says children eat chalk and clay for many reasons. This habit isn’t limited to clay or chalk. This is when the habit of eating non-food items begins. PICA disorder may be responsible. Many studies and researches have shown that children who eat clay a lot are not due to a lack of nutrients, such as iron and calcium. Children can begin to eat non-food items because they lack essential nutrients. Children may also eat fat, or eat clay, chalk, or both. Children love the smell and taste of things. These are some of the main reasons children eat chalk or clay:

  • Insufficient calcium, iron, and zinc levels in the body.
  • Due to eating disorder.
  • A desire to smell or taste something.
  • Habituation.
  • Autism is a genetic disease.

Side effects of eating clay or soil

Children and elders who eat clay or chalk can have serious health consequences. This can cause them many problems, and often have serious consequences. The soil is not edible. It can also contain harmful chemicals that can lead to serious health problems. Clay can also cause infection in the stomach or intestines. This can lead to worm infestations. These are the disadvantages of eating soil.

1. The habit of eating clay can lead to infection in the stomach and intestines of children. The soil can contain worms and other parasites that can be transmitted to the stomach. This could lead to serious infections.

2. Children who eat clay and chalk may have worms in the stomach. It can cause nausea, vomiting, persistent abdominal pain, or loss of appetite.

3. The teeth can be seriously damaged by eating mud. The soil can contain harmful substances and parasites that can cause severe damage to your teeth.

4. Eating soil can also increase the risk of infection.

How to Stop Kids from Eating Mud?

Children should first refuse to eat soil in order to get rid of the bad habit of eating it. Children should eat foods rich in iron zinc and calcium. You should contact your doctor if your child is suffering from this problem for a prolonged period of time.

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