What causes seizures with high fever in children (febrile seizures), and how can they be treated? Learn the symptoms and how to treat it


A febrile seizure means febrile seizures. Convulsions can also occur in children. This is often caused by fever. Infection is often the cause of this fever. These febrile seizures are often caused by fever or sudden changes in body temperature, according to Dr. Sumit Gopta, Pediatrician at Columbia Asia Hospital. A sudden increase in body temperature is an indication that the body is not responding to the situation. Children between 6 months and 5 years old are most likely to experience this condition. These seizures typically occur within the first few days of fever and can last for up to five minutes. This type of shock can cause serious problems if it lasts for a prolonged time. Brain damage may also be possible in such situations. This is because the brain does not receive enough oxygen. It usually lasts for only a few seconds. Febrile seizures are not usually a sign that you have a serious condition. Find out how to protect your children from these seizures.

Febrile Seizure Symptoms

  • This condition causes the child to tremble and then lose consciousness.
  • One area of his body becomes stiff.
  • Your child has a high fever.
  • He moves his arms and legs.

It can be divided into simple and complicated parts. A simple Caesar heals in 5 minutes, and it doesn’t return for 24 hours.

Complex seizures can take longer than five minutes and may return in 24 hours.

When to See a Doctor

  • When she vomits.
  • When his neck is stiff.
  • If he has difficulty breathing.
  • When he gets more sleep.

Favrile seizures: Causes


A fever is the most common reason for a febrile seizure in children.

post vaccination seizure

Children are often given vaccines in their childhood. Such as tetanus, pertussis vaccine etc. These can lead to a condition called caesar.

Factors that can increase the risk of febrile seizures

Young age

Caesar is most commonly seen in children under 5 years of age. The most common age at which it is found is 6 months to 5 years olds. It can also be seen in children aged one to one and a quarter years.

Family history

Cesar’s disease can be passed on to children if a parent or family member has it.

Preventive measures for febrile seizures

  • Give medicine to your child
  • If your child has mild symptoms or a fever, you should consult your doctor to give him medicine. Aspirin can be given to children over the age of 3
  • Take only the prescribed medications as directed by your doctor
  • First, take your child to the physician and tell him what medicines he has prescribed for seizure symptoms.

You can save your child from a seizure by taking a few precautions. You can treat your child with some medications even if your baby is diagnosed with this condition. This is not a serious problem.

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