This Diet Plan is for 7 consecutive days in order to Increase Weight.

Diet plan for weight gain People think that just losing weight is difficult, however, getting weight gain is not anything less than a daunting job. If you are overweight and weak, attempt to gain weight but have a hard time. Here, we’re going to inform you about this particular weight loss diet plan which you can boost your weight by a bit.

How can you gain weight in 7 days? Day Diet Plan to Gain Weight

You can adhere to a specific diet plan to lose weight. In order to achieve this, you will need to follow a different eating plan each day for seven days. Then, you must do it over and over. When you adhere to this program for around a month your weight will rise to a certain extent (Weight gain tips).

Upma to Gain Weight

First day

Breakfast: 1 teaspoon Chironji in a bowl of vegetable soup and one glass of milk

In the middle of the day, take A bowl of seasonal fruit, sprinkle cinnamon powder over it

Lunch: 2 whole wheat rotis with soya masala curry, mint chutney

Snacks such as the sprouts in a bowl

Dinner: Wraps of sweet potato, and Mint Chutney

Second day

Breakfast – Paneer and a vegetable sandwich

Mid Morning Poha with Peanuts – Poha with Peanuts

Lunch: Paneer Mix Vegetable, Paratha, and Arhar Dal

Snacks A bowl of paneer that has been boiled or sweet corn

Dinner – Soya Masala Pulao

Dosa for weight loss

Day 3

Breakfast – 2 dosas with green chutney

Mid Morning- Boil Potatoes with black pepper powder

Lunch Wheat bread and a bowl of sprouts and a salad

Snacks: Banana and Date Shake

Dinner 1 bowl Ragda Pattis

fourth day

Breakfast: a bowl of potato-pea poha, and one glass of milk

Mid Morning Mid Morning Almond Shake

Lunch- Aloo-fenugreek parathas and porridge bowl

Snacks of Almond powder, ground-up puffed rice glasses of milk

DinnerDinner Rajma Tikki Roll, 1 Tbsp Avocado Dip

fifth day

Breakfast: Paneer Mix Veg Tikki with Mint Chutney

Mid-morning, an almond milk glass or an apricot shake

Lunch A Bowl of Mixed Vegetable Curry as well as Chole Pulao

Snacks 4 Muthia with the glass of milk

Dinner – 2 masala spinach dosas, 1 bowl of drumstick leaves vegetables

the sixth day.

Breakfast is oatmeal porridge and dried fruits

In the middle of the day, the mango juice and almond smoothie

Lunch 2 wheat rotis served with potato-pea curry

Snacks A bowl of veggies and peanuts

The meal includes a Paneer curry Grilled sandwich and mint chutney

seventh day

Breakfast: One Cucumber The Rajgira Singhada Thalipeeth, and Curd

Mid-morning – an ice-cold bowl of vermicelli

Lunch: 1 bowl of masala soya 2 spinach parathas

Snacks: a shaker of mixed dried fruit shake

Dinner: 1 Kotori cumin rice, and lentils

If you’re looking to improve your weight, you should try this healthy diet program. Do the plan for seven consecutive days, and then repeat the process repeatedly or seek advice from a dietician. In addition to following a diet plan, ensure that your lifestyle is healthy too. Be active, and avoid fast-food and foods that are not digestible. Doctor Sugita states that food items that are quickly digested can aid in weight gain. Make sure to consume easily digestible food items.

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