These five reasons could be caused by the bad smell emanating in the mouths of children Know what you can do to avoid them.

 It is not uncommon to experience bad breath early in the morning, after waking due to reactions of bacteria in the mouth overnight. The smell is improved after washing or brushing. It is often noticed that even after cleaning the bad breath remains. It isn’t gone or remains throughout the day. These kinds of cases are more frequent in children. If this happens to your child too it is important to understand that this is not normal. This is known as Halitosis in medical terms. Based on the Dr. Sonam Gupta of Dental Care Clinic, Vaishali, the reason for poor breath may be due to a lack of proper care of your oral hygiene and eating foods that smell foul or having a dry mouth, etc. They can be cured by doing several items. However, if you’re still suffering from bad breath, you should visit a doctor.

1. Improper Flossing & Brushing

When there’s a foul breath smell emanating in the mouth of the child, then the most important and most often the reason is an inability to maintain the cleanliness that is present in their mouths. If your children are prone to brushing often and leave it occasionally instead of regular brushing. Therefore, the plaque that builds up in their teeth isn’t capable of being removed effectively. In reality, if teeth aren’t properly cleaned and the food particles remain stuck to the teeth the gums, or tongue. This is when the mouth bacteria begin producing a bad smell.

How to avoid this issue ensure that your child brushes twice each day. If he has eaten clean his mouth thoroughly and scrubs it.

2. Problem Of Dry Mouth

Should your child continue to suck on their thumbs or any other finger it could cause dry mouth. This can lead to the growth of bacteria develop inside the mouth. If there isn’t adequate saliva production in the mouth and as a result, drying of the mouth grows even more. The result is that a foul smell can be observed.

What to do If your child suffers from a dry mouth, ensure they stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Also, you can give them ice cubes or gum with no sugar.

3. Mouth Bacteria

The tongue is the sole area inside the mouth that bacteria can be stopped. If children wear dentures in their teeth, this can create a plaque buildup. This could also cause an unpleasant smell that emanates from the mouth of your baby.

What can you do? Teach kids to cleanse their tongues as well as brushing. It is possible to teach your child to wash their tongue using brushes or a cleanser made of plastic. Because of this, the white layer that covers the tongue also is removed.

4. Breathing Through Mouth

Children are prone to breathe through the mouth during the time of an illness or their noses are blocked. When they breathe through their mouths it is difficult to get enough saliva produced. This is why the issue of dry mouth could occur. As a result, bad breath can emanate out of the mouth.

What should you do: Find out the reason that is causing your baby to breathe through his mouth. If the baby is experiencing any issue, you must fix the issue first.

5. Oral Infection

If you fail to take care of kids, they could cause gum infections. This is why a weird smell could emanate from their mouths.

What should you do? It is important to take your child to the doctor in the event of an infection.

There are times when children are taking medicines or have tonsils. Even in these instances, a foul smell could emanate through the mouth. Try to impart proper hygiene to your child.

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