The risk of having high cholesterol rises among children due to these reasons. Be aware of the signs, the treatment options and prevention strategies


The subject of high cholesterol levels in the body usually comes to your mind in the case of elderly or old people. But the issue is growing quickly in children as well in young people. According to a study of recent, that shows an increase in cholesterol levels in children can make them more susceptible to developing serious heart problems. The issue that is high in cholesterol is created in children by lifestyle and food choices and could develop into shape in the near future. Dr. Sheikh Zafar who works as a pediatrician at SCPM Hospital believes that the issue with high cholesterol among children is uncommon, but the problem is growing rapidly. Find out the primary reason behind having high cholesterol in children and the best ways to prevent it.

The High Cholesterol Level Causes Problems in Children | High-Cholesterol-In-Children

According to research conducted in recent times that has been conducted, cholesterol levels are increasing in children under 19 years of age. According to studies, the study found that around 23 % of children younger than 19 suffer from the issue that is high cholesterol. Because of the excessive levels of cholesterol present that is present in our bodies, there are issues in the growth of healthy and healthy cholesterol levels. As a result, the chance of developing heart-related illnesses increases over time. Cholesterol is fat found in the body. It helps to create the cell membrane as well as hormonal structures. If we look at cities in the United States in which the rate of high cholesterol-related issues among children in these regions is approximately 20. This is roughly 20 percent of kids under 19 years of age who reside in urban areas suffer from high cholesterol. The primary reasons for high cholesterol among children are as the following.

1. High cholesterol is a problem among children in urban areas due to an unbalanced diet

2. The reason is due to the consumption of fast food with high-fat content and poor oil.

3. High cholesterol as a result of inactivity and lack of.

4. Because of family background in high cholesterol.

5. The issue of high cholesterol is caused by the obesity problem (due to an unbalanced diet).

6. High cholesterol problems caused by diabetes, thyroid, and kidney disease.

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Children’s High Cholesterol Symptoms

Most of the time, there aren’t obvious signs of an issue with elevated cholesterol among children. The reason for the high levels of cholesterol that your kid is experiencing could be caused by a variety of factors like obesity issues, and eating habits that are not balanced. To identify the problem it is important to have the cholesterol in your body tested regularly. If you have an extended family history of high cholesterol ought to get your children checked. If you have a child who is two years old and has the possibility of high cholesterol within the family, make sure to test it by a specialist. The problem can arise in the event that the issue with excessive cholesterol is serious.

  • heart disease
  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • kidney disease

Treatment and Prevention of Cholesterol High in Children’s

If you suffer from kidney disease, diabetes, or thyroid issues, you should be sure to have your child checked by a doctor. In addition, if your family is known to have a history that has high levels of cholesterol after two years of age, the children should old, and following the recommendation of a physician, have them cholesterol testing. If, after the test, the cholesterol content in the blood of your child is excessive, then the doctor may suggest the use and avoidance of certain medications. The issue of high cholesterol is caused by diet and lifestyle. To prevent this from happening it is essential to take particular attention to your diet. It is possible to avoid problems by eating high-fat food as well as drinking carbonated drinks, eliminating fast food as well as participating in regular physical or running sports. If you notice symptoms in children, you should seek the advice of a qualified doctor.

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