The five issues mentioned above are easily solved with the help of clove oil and mustard on the skin


A mix of clove oil and mustard could be beneficial to you in various ways. Its mix can be used for skin problems. Additionally when you are suffering from a issues with hair or hair loss, then cloves and mustard oil may be applied. There are many therapeutic properties that can be found in cloves and mustard oil and vitamins such as thiamine, folate and niacin exist in mustard oil. They improve the body’s metabolism, and is beneficial for hair growth. Additionally it also offers relief from pain and discomfort in the body. In addition there are many beneficial elements, such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus folate, calcium, vitamins, fiber zinc, copper, selenium, thiamin manganese, potassium and manganese are present in cloves. The plant also has numerous antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics. They can be utilized in a variety of ways. In this article, we will talk details about this.

The benefits of Mustard Oil and Cloves

1. Effective for Acne

If you’re struggling with the pimples appearing on your face, you can apply an oil-based paste made of cloves and mustard oil to treat the pimples. In addition it could aid in getting rid of dry skin and blemishes. Thanks to clove, you will not suffer from itching or swelling of the skin. It also assists in bringing luminosity to the skin.

2. Hair care: Condition it

Sometimes, our hair gets dry and dirty due to the heat and pollution. It also helps soften and moisturize the hair. It also assists in keeping the scalp healthy and will reduce the fall of hair. It can also make hair thick and black. It is possible to apply it to the hair and then wash it off in about half an hour.

3. Get rid of Stains

Many times, your skin isn’t glowing and radiant due to the scars. Additionally the skin starts looking dull and dry. It also keeps your appearance and the quantity of appropriate fats on your skin. To do this, apply an oil-based paste made of cloves and mustard oil to the areas.

4. Heals Skin Wrinkles

As we age wrinkles and lines begin to appear on the skin. The natural glow of your skin diminishes gradually. In addition it can also decrease the firming of your skin. This can be achieved by using cloves and mustard oil.

5. Remove skin infection

Sometimes, the skin does not appear radiant and beautiful because of skin infections. There are many causes for skin infections. In most cases, pollution and dirt be the cause, however you can cleanse your skin thoroughly before applying clove paste and mustard oil on it. It will benefit you greatly.


If you begin to experience spots and rashes on your skin when using cloves and mustard oil use the products immediately. If it is possible apply coconut oil only on your skin to ensure that your skin is healed from the inside. In addition it is also necessary to conduct an examination of your patch prior to using.

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