Teenage smoking addiction can lead to poor health. Here are some ways to help your child quit smoking.

Today’s youth are more addicted to smoking cigarettes than ever before. Cigarette smoking is harmful for everyone, and children have lower immunity levels than adults. Teenagers also have a lower hormonal level. Change can lead to a change in the mental and physical health of children. It is important to pay attention to teenagers, and to help them quit smoking. You can also take. We will discuss the dangers of smoking in teens and how to stop this addiction. For more information, we spoke with Dr. Santosh Kumar Dora (Senior Cardiologist, Asian Heart Institute Mumbai), for further details.

Side effects of smoking in teens

Tobacco smoking is harmful to your health. Children are more at risk than adults from the effects of smoking. It is important to know this

1. Breathing problems

Teenagers might have difficulty breathing or exercising. Children who smoke excessively may have difficulty breathing, particularly if they have asthma.

2. An increase in heart rate

Smoking cigarettes can raise a child’s heart beat. The heart rate can increase by smoking, which causes it to beat at a faster rate than 10-25 minutes per minute. Smoking cigarettes should be stopped immediately. After smoking a cigarette, BP changes. The normal range of nicotine levels in the body will increase as BP increases. Children who smoke more can have adverse effects on their skin.

3. BP may rise

BP can be increased by smoking cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes can cause a child’s BP to rise. This could lead to other health problems such as breathing problems, fatigue, headaches, and even difficulty sleeping.

4. Cancer

Children can be at high risk for cancer if they smoke. There are many types of cancer that can be caused by smoking, including oral cancer, bladder cancer, cervical cancer and kidney cancer. You can continue to smoke, but it is best not to.

The heart can become blocked by smoking.

Dr Santosh explained that smoking tobacco can lead to a greater risk of heart disease. Your child may be at greater risk for heart attack if he smokes cigarettes. Tobacco smoking can lead to blockages in your heart. This is not good news for your health.

How can you save your child from smoking addiction?

  • The child may be suffering from tobacco addiction if the child’s clothes or their breath smell like tobacco. These can be signs of smoking, such as blue fingernails and hands or blue lips. These are some ways to get rid of your child’s addiction to smoking.
  • Keep your child engaged in various activities to get rid of the cigarette addiction. Keep him engaged in good work as long as you can.
  • You must also follow these parenting tips to get rid your children of their cigarette addiction. Children are stubborn at this stage.
  • To get rid of your cigarette addiction, you may also seek the assistance of a counselor. To wean your child from cigarette dependence, you should inform him/her about the dangers of smoking cigarettes.
  • Children can be victims of hookah, paan, bidi and cigarettes. To save them, it is important to counsel the child or get the assistance of an expert.

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