Perform these four exercises while seated on a chair at work, the belly fat will go away

The issue of weight gain and a growing stomach is becoming more common. Because of poor habits and the habit of being awake all night, working at a desk for long hours, and so on. The weight gradually is increasing and the stomach begins appearing. In such a scenario it can be a daunting job for office workers to find the time to work out at the gym for long hours to shed weight. If you’re also frustrated with the expanding stomach and weight gain, then we will inform you about some of these exercises that can be performed at the desk at work.

Hanging body

Hanging the body is a great exercise that ensures the entire body is well-toned. To achieve this, put your arms on both sides of your chair. Then, you can lift your body and put weight on your arms. While doing this, keep on your toes that you need to straighten your legs again, and then turn them inwards. It is possible to repeat this exercise 7 to 8 times a day at work.

Left Right Movement

A solitary posture for a long time could cause back and shoulder discomfort. If you’re in this kind of circumstance, you can obtain relief from neck and back pain by performing five to seven minutes of left-right movements each day. In order to do this, put an inch of space between your hands as well as the table. Move your body one time to the left, and then move it to the right. It is necessary to repeat this exercise between 10 and 12 times. It is possible to eliminate belly fat by performing a left-right movement for only two weeks.


Sit in a chair straight on the side. Set your hands either between your legs, or the table. While looking up in an upward direction, shift your shoulders forward and your chest back. Looking down, twist your stomach upwards and outwards. You could do 4 to five sets of this exercise during the course of a day.

The Core Exercises

The core exercises you do when sitting in a chair can help reduce the discomfort in your back or pelvic muscles. For this exercise, you need to stretch your legs. It is possible to do up to 5 repetitions of this workout. The routine of doing core exercises regularly will help to reduce belly fat and weight gain.

While you’re doing these exercises sitting in a chair at the office, bear on your toes that you need to manage your food intake and drinking habits as well. Avoid eating food that is loaded with spice and oil in the work and at home. Include green vegetables, pulses, and other foods that are high in fiber in your food plan.

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