Navratri 2021: Eat these 5 healthy foods during Navratri fast, and you’ll be nourished and have energy that will last throughout the day.


Navratras began on 07 October. Navratri is one of the largest Hindu celebrations is celebrated twice every year throughout the nation. People who attend the festival worship various incarnations of the goddess Durga during nine consecutive days. Nine different versions of Goddess Durga are considered to be a representation of the power of God. Based on these, for nine days of Navratras during which Goddess Durga is revered and worshippers are fasting. The majority of people abstain from foods that are not vegetarian during Navratras and many cut out garlic and onion in their meals. The Navratras are the time when the fruit is consumed, with the exception of food items. In particular, during the fasting period, foods are made from sabudana, khichdi, fruit such as kheer, chaat and buckwheat are the most popular dishes during this Navratri season.

What is the reason we fast on Navratri?

In the majority of North, West, and Central India the people observe fasting for the entire nine days. Certain people choose to observe be fasting only on the 1st and final days of the celebration. It is a way to express thanks to God. In the past, drinking alcohol or non-vegetarian foods is considered impure and inauspicious, However, there is solid scientific evidence to support this. When fasting, people refrain from eating grains, meat, alcohol, and garlic, as well as onions.

From an Ayurvedic viewpoint, the food items attract as well as absorb energy that is negative. They should be avoided during the seasonal changes since our bodies have weak immunity during this time.

Navratri festival is a great opportunity for you to stay at ease and your body healthy. Food items like kuttu atta the water chestnut and fresh vegetables makhana, curd, and milk are highly recommended as they are gentle to the stomach. They easily digested. It is a good substitute for regular salt because it is not processed or refined. People who don’t want to fast can opt for the vegetarian sattvic diet.

What food items to consume during the Navratri fast?

1. Sago Khichdi

Sabudana is a rich source of carbs or starches that give you the energy you require while eating a fast. Sabudana is an easy dish composed of nuts and spices that are mild. It is also possible to choose Sabudana vada or sabudana Kheer that are excellent Navratri snack options.

2. Buckwheat Dosa

If you like eating dosa, this Navratri differs from the typical Kuttu recipe. You could make dosa. It can be made using Buckwheat flour in the same way that dosa is prepared by filling the potatoes with rice. Make sure to serve with coconut and mint Chutney.

3. Makhana Kheer

Desserts are a source of delight Here is the recipe for low-fat kheer that includes makhana and nuts. It is a delicious dessert that you can enjoy without being concerned about weight gain. The delicious kheer recipe going to make your fast tastier!

4. Banana-Nut Lassi

You can get your energy back with this healthy drink. Lassi consisting of curd, bananas, and walnuts, and honey is extremely beneficial. Drink this nutritious lassi to keep you energized all day.

5. Arabic Kofta

Are you fed up with eating potatoes at lunch, breakfast, and dinner when you are fasting? go for this delicious arbi Kofta recipe that is the perfect snack to enjoy during tea time.

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