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How to Mirror Android to PC | Best Screen Mirroring Apps

Today, we are going to tell you How to Mirror Android to PC. In this article, you will know everything about screen mirroring. Also, we will provide you a list of the Best Screen Mirroring Applications. Without a further due let’s just start our article by answering a simple question –

What is Android mirroring to PC

When we talk about mirroring, so it directly refers to the thing which reflects something.

But in digital life mirroring is a way through which you can share one device inference to another device like mirroring an Android screen to your PC.

However no matter how good your Android device works but it always loses when it comes to the display compared with a PC.

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Why We use Android mirroring to PC

Mirror Android to PC helps you in different kinds of ways such as it enables you to hold the smartphone for every new notification and if you are a developer or coder you can check application performance on the Android phone by sharing media files to PC will also work easily.

Best Screen Mirroring Applications

  •  APowerMirror
  • AirDroid wireless
  •  Vysor

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APowerMirror - Best Screen Mirroring Application

APowerMirror uses for mirroring the screen to other devices which can be installed on Mac and Windows and it is completely compatible with IOS AirPlay supported devices.

This application helps you to control or see the Android screen or your PC. Basically, it is the most know and the best Software for Mirror Android to PC.


  • You can also be able to send text messages or do other things with the help of a mouse and keyboard directly even you can play games without an emulator or rooting the device.
  • It supports streaming all the media files like voice notes, photos, videos, etc on portrait mode or landscape mode.

In conclusion, it comes with other extra features like phone screen recording and taking screenshots and gives you a more user-friendly interface also allows you to record all the mobile activities from PC
Over 5 million users are using APowerMirror.

Try APowerMirror

AirDroid Cast (Wireless)

AirDroid Cast - Best Screen Mirrorin Application

AirDroid is a powerful remotely control-able application for manage individual device files, notifications, SMS, etc right from your PC.
There is another variant available for AirDroid Business which uses for managing Android device solutions for Businesses of all sizes. It is easy to use to mirror android to pc with the help of AirDroid.

Its installation process is quick, easy to work, and capable of your all needs.

Try Airdroid Cast


Vysor - Best Screen Mirroring Application for Android

Vysor lets you view and handles your Android phone on your computer system.


  • It gives you the ease of an emulator and the integration on your device.
  • Play games, control your mobile phone, use applications of the Android operating system.
  • A chrome app and desktop capable of using all operating systems. Vysor takes your Android to the Windows desktop.
  • You can use your keyboard. You can scroll, point, clicks using your mouse.

Now you don’t need to have an emulator on your PC because it gives you the ease of emulator experience.

You can share everything with Vysor everywhere across the globe or the office and ADB accesses remote Devices just easy as sending a link.

Try Vysor

Minimum System Requirements For Screen Mirroring to PC

  • WiFi
  • Windows 7 / Win 8 / Win 10, IOS
  • Your Android Version should be 4.4
  • Intel’s 4th or 5th Generations Core Processor / AMD
  • 2 GB RAM


How to Mirror Android To PC

1. Enable Developer Option on your phone

  • Go to your mobile Settings and Search for About Phone.
  • Tap on Build Number 7 times and it shows you the pop up that now you are the developer, and all developer features will be shown for you
  • Go back and scroll, look at the bottom in the settings and you will be able to see Developer Options.

2. Now, enable USB debugging

  •  Again, open settings on your phone
  • Find Developer Options and look for USB debugging option for enabling
  • After that, just enable the USB debugging

3. Download the mirroring application

  • Open a web browser on your PC
  • Search for one of the applications which I have explained above.
  • Go to their website and download it by clicking on the downloading option according to your system preference.
  • After downloading the application, install it by giving all the permission which you want.
  • Now your mirroring application has been installed on your PC for using the mirroring feature to start running the app.
  • Then, Open your WiFi or Bluetooth in your windows device.
  •  After that, Open the Casting option of the application.
  • Go to Bluetooth settings in your mobile and you will able to see your PC’s name on the listed option
  • Select your PC’s name for connecting
  • Allow on your PC’s screen when it asks for Casting permission.

Now, you will be able to control your mobile phone on a PC. You can also mirror your Android phone by connecting it with the help of a USB cable.



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