Massage these points on your gas and flatulence and you’ll feel relief.

Constipation, gas flatulence, stomach pain, and constipation are commonplace due to the changes in weather and a diet that is not as regular. Stomach-related ailments are an issue, and the patient is unable to talk to anyone in a timely manner. If he does inform anyone, they advise the patient to take various types of medicine and see a doctor. Do you realize that you can rid yourself of constipation, gas, and other ailments caused by stomachs by pressing the Acupressure points? Acupressure and Acupuncture are alternative medical techniques that are utilized across the globe. Acupressure helps to eliminate waste products from the body and helps to make organs work correctly.

Acupressure Points to Help Gas Problems

ST36 Acupressure Points are initially to treat stomach-related issues. It’s also known as Jusanali. The point is located just 3 inches beneath the knee. If you suffer from problems such as flatulence and gas after eating and rising early in the morning should press the point. To do this, two fingers on the hand should be turned by pressing gently 3 inches below the knee. It is suggested to repeat the process for two to three minutes in order to alleviate gas.

This acupressure spot is approximately an inch beneath the navel. In English, this region of our body is known as Kihei. By applying pressure approximately an inch beneath the navel the body is able to be rid of digesting meals. In order to do this, you should keep two fingers on the hand at this point the fingers should be turned. When moving your finger around the point, ensure to not put too excessive pressure on your stomach. Try moving around the point using light hands. This can provide the long-term relief you need from ailments like constipation, gas, and digestion.

Those who suffer from digestive issues and indigestion should massage this area on the inside of the body. These points on the body are believed to be approximately 6 inches higher than the bottom on the back, and about 1 inch to both sides of your spine. Because of sitting in the same posture for a long time this point stops functioning. To remedy this, massage the point using two fingers. You should ensure that there is pressure on this area. But, those with any issues related to the spinal cord or slipped disc should be advised to avoid massage of the area.

It is possible to press these acupressure points to relieve stomach-related ailments. If you’re pressing the acupressure points for the first time, consult a professional for this. Beginning the expert will guide you on the best way to use the self-acupressure point.

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