If you’re suffering from lean and weak body, try eating these five foods with a full stomach at the beginning of the day.


What foods to eat to help you Gain quickly: Just as obesity is a cause of many ailments In the same way losing weight continuously is also the sign of certain illnesses. Lean bodies also reduce the persona, and also lowers the level of confidence. It is not easy to find clothes that fit the body of a slim person. If you find yourself in this situation the people who are thin are often unhappy and begin to adopt a variety of ways to gain weight. If you’re also overweight it is possible to incorporate certain foods into your diet, which are likely to be beneficial in gaining weight. It is possible to eat these food items with a full stomach during the early morning. Because of this, your weight will slowly increase.

1. Almonds that have been soaked to aid in weight loss

If you’re looking to gain weight, you can consume soaked almonds on an empty stomach the next morning. To achieve this, soak 8 to 10 almonds in water for a night and store them. Almonds are rich in vitamin E as well as manganese, protein and fiber. In addition omega-3 and omega-6 fat acids are also present in almonds. In the absence of sufficient nutrition from almonds, and it keeps the body energized throughout the day. Almonds can be beneficial to weight loss.

Almonds should be consumed after taking off the skin. The skin of almonds is a source of tannins, they are absorbed by the body to provide nutrients. A diet of almonds on a empty stomach regularly can result in the gradual gain of weight.

2. Raisins (kishmish to gain weight)

Raisins are a great source of calcium, potassium and iron. It is also a good option to include in your diet to increase weight. To achieve this soak 7-10 raisins overnight in water and then store them in a container. Eat them on empty stomachs at the beginning of your day. Consuming raisins soaked in water helps in intake of nutrition. Black raisins are more beneficial to increase weight.

3. Mangos with milk for weight gain

In the summer, you can drink mango shakes on an empty stomachs in the morning in order to gain weight. To make this drink, mix mango, milk and a few dry fruits. This will provide you with an enough the carbohydrates and natural sugar, and protein. This will boost the development of your muscles and increase your weight. It is possible to take the mixture of milk and mango regularly.

4. Peanut butter for weight gain

Peanut butter can also be useful for weight loss. It is also a excellent food source for protein. It’s also high in fat acids, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, you can eat it with a full stomach in the morning. When you consume peanut butter regularly the muscles will get robust, and also grow. Peanut butter is packed with calories and may aid in weight loss. If you consume peanut butter every day for a month, you’ll notice the improvement.

5. Banana shake

Banana is among the most effective foods to aid in weight gain. If you are a slim body, then drink a banana shake in the morning, on the empty stomach. Banana shakes are rich in calories and provides immediate energy to your body. This helps to develop muscles, and aids in the process of gaining weight. This is done by taking banana and milk. Add dried fruits, dry fruit to it. This will allow the weight to be increased quickly.

It is also possible to incorporate dates, fruit and dates, as well as boiled potatoes, walnuts and potatoes as well as a small amount of dried fruits into your weight loss diet. It is possible to eat these items in a state of numbness. This will assist you in increase your weight.

If you are also looking to gain weight, consider including these foods into your diet. If you eat these food items on an empty stomach the physical development of your body will be more rapid. This can help you gain the weight. However, if you’re already doing a weight-loss diet, you should you should only eat these foods on the guidance of experts.

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