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How to Run Android Apps/Games on PC (Windows/Mac) – HiTechAssist

How to Run Android Apps/Games on PC

As we all know nowadays cell phones have become a very popular thing among people with different languages and from different countries. Every person needs a cell phone and being addictive for its features and games that can be played on Android. These applications and games specifically further the usability of mobile phones and that is why most of the phones are out there in the market with higher demand. The first apps that goes viral about texting and calling over the internet connection which capable of saving your money. I take these cell phones just to enjoy the applications especially when I am with my computer or system. Switching between phone and computer is a bit time-consuming and you need to stop whatever you work on your computer and using your phone for exploring applications. Some android applications lack a lot in PC. So, here you will learn about How to Run Android Apps/Games on PC.

To Run Android Apps/Games on your PC, you need the Best Android Emulator for PC. So, we are taking you through the easiest solution which you can do with BlueStacks.

Why do we use BlueStack?

BlueStacks -Run Android Apps/Games on PC

BlueStacks give you a 50% faster setup than ever before. Start your game without taking any time. Other players took around 50 seconds to start whether BlueStacks 4 take you to go through in just 37 seconds and BlueStacks 5 takes only 23 seconds. So, you don’t have any trouble running Android Apps/Games on PC.

Performances of BlueStacks

1. Memory 

It uses 50% less RAM than other platforms for the smoothest and fastest gaming experience.
Other players take about 7.8 GB and lag a lot where BlueStacks 4 takes only 6.1 GB space and you will be amazed after knowing that BlueStacks 5 takes only 3.8 GB of your ROM and this is completely crazy that you can use the whole Android mobile experience on your laptop or PC in just 3.8 GB of your ROM.

2. Faster Experience

App performance of BlueStacks 5 consumes generally less CPU and maintains the stability of FPS while gaming sessions.

3. App Performance

When we compare it with other players it shows a difference while we use other players the CPU usage is 13% and BlueStacks 4 shows usage of CPU about 10% while BlueStacks 5 shows 9% usage of CPU.

4. Multi-Tasking

It also provides you multi-tasking and Provides you the feature of Eco Mode which allows you to reduce the usage of CPU by 87% and GPU usage by 97%
When Eco Mode is off it takes 28% usage and when you turn it on it uses 3.5% of usage. As you can see there is a major difference and a very good feature.

5. Largest Gaming Library

BlueStacks having 2 million-plus games and a games library. You can discover games and unique titles over about 2M+ apps

6. Stability

It is known and built for its stability and you can start your marathon gaming sessions.

7. Better FPS

It has the consistency of FPS and you can play games on whatever FPS you want and forget that FPS dips.

8. 100% Secure

The safest gaming Platform and 500 million Gamers are currently using the world widely with 100% of privacy.

Minimum system requirements

  • The operating system should be Microsoft Windows 7 and above.
  • At least your computer should have 4GB of RAM
  • You should have 5GB free disk space in your computer for excluding lags experience
  • Your processor has to be Intel or AMD

You have to be an administrator on your laptop or system and time to time up to date your system’s graphics drivers from chipset vendor or Microsoft

Steps to Run Android apps/games on your PC

Follow these steps to Run Android Apps/Games on PC.

  1. Download an Android Emulator called “BlueStacks” or another option is for “Youwave”, but it will not works with ARM-based Apps.
  2. Start the installation of BlueStacks and run it, don’t get insecure when it shows some graphical errors during installation, rather than you can find solutions from BlueStacks errors searching on google.
  3. Click on the search button which will be shown on the home page of BlueStacks and start typing or searching names of applications and games you want to explore.
  4. Select app stores and install the applications.
  5. When you go back to the homepage you will be able to see the application listed there which you have Downloaded.
  6. By double-clicking on the app you will be able to run it on your Android phone.

This is the easiest way for running Android applications on your computer. You can also use some other android emulators to run android apps on pc. Another way is that you can use an Android OS (Operating System) for PC. 

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I hope this method is helpful for you and gives you a better experience than before. Feel free to give your feedback or if you having problems anywhere for specific instructions for gaming or your favorite application ask in the comment section.



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