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How to Control PC from Mobile | Remote Access PC from Android, iPhone, Tablet

What is PC controlling with the help of your Android phone?

PC controlling is the solution to control your PC with the help of your Android Mobile Phone.
It works remotely for your Computer system and it does things for you what the keyboard and mouse do. For Remote Android, some applications turn your mobile phone into a controlling PC device. So, you can control pc from mobile easily.
You can play all kinds of games, and make your phone a joystick. You can also customize the layout of buttons.
Also can transform your PC screen into a mobile Screen and Vice Versa.
It helps you to transfer files between your both Computer and Mobile device.


  • It is capable to have a custom resolution or screen setup.
  • It can remote printers also.
  • Similarly and simple look of any windows Computer.


  •  file sharing with Remote could be better more.
  • There are some laggy connections.
  • The security option is not much good.

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Why do We control PC from Mobile?

To Control PC from Mobile Device, You can use the remote Android applications to work with Windows apps and desktops directly from your Android device.

It’s easy to access your computer from your android phone.
It solves the confusion and turns your phone into a keyboard and mouse. It also supports quick launch functions for doing things such as managing files, stop tasks, prompting the start menu, controlling playbacks and even you can shut down your computer. Some applications also Available on the play store.
Some applications also supportive in IOS  and you can connect to control your IOS phone.

The major advantage is if you are stuck working from home you can still easily access your mobile phone with the help of a remote tool.
Some remote tools facilitate you to access a PC from IOS and Android where you can view the screen, work with applications easily, open files even when you were not in front of that computer.

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Ways on How to Control PC from Mobile Phone

  1.  Unified Remote
  2. Chrome Remote Desktop
  3. Microsoft Remote Desktop App
  4. Splashtop Personal
  5. NoMachine

Unified Remote

Unified remote - Control PC from Mobile

Unified Remote applications work as Remote for your Computer which helps to control pc form mobile.
It turns your Smartphone into a Universal Remote Control.
You can download this application for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.

  • It can Control over 100+ programs from itself.
  • You can control your mouse
  • Can control your computer screen
  • Can turn off/on, lock your computer
  • Work as a keyboard for you
  • Can share files, media, manage folders
  • Access iTunes, Netflix, and other applications.

Try Unified Remote

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

An easy way to connect remotely with your home or work computer or share your screen with others.

  • It can securely access your PC when you are away by just using your mobile phone or another computer.
  • Also, It shares your screen to make a connection in real-time and connects your computer to give or take a remote facility.
  • It is fast
  • And, Free of cost
  • Give you convenience for remotely access your computer
  • It is secure and built by Google’s secure infrastructure.
  • Simpler than ever before

Try Chrome Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop - Best Way to Control PC from Mobile

Microsoft Remote Desktop is an assistant to configure your PC for remote access. It supports all variants of Windows Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise. It works with Android, IOS, Mac, Windows 10. Use this to connect Desktop to your Android.

  • Connect remotely through a Remote Desktop gateway
  • Gives you a multi-touch experience
  • Secured for your data and applications
  • Simpler management
  • Gives you high-quality video and audio streaming.

Try Microsoft Remote Desktop


Splashtop - How to Control Computer from Mobile

Splashtop is known as Nextgen Remote Access software. Trusted by over 30 million+ customers worldwide.  It is a highly rated computer Access support tool with the increase in remote work heightening cyber-security risks.
There are three categories of Splashtop –

  1. Business Access
  2. SOS
  3. Enterprise

Try Splashtop



NoMachine remote application is a Fast, Secure, easier way to access your data whenever you want. The NoMachine-enabled computer at the very least time. Control PC from Mobile. It is the fastest and highest quality remote desktop you have ever tried. NoMachine is your own personal server, private and secured. It is the standard remotely computing system of Unix World. It runs on Windows, Mac, IOS, Linux,  Android, and Raspberry with the best performance and ease.

There are three variants of NoMachine

  1. Cloud Server
  2. Enterprise Desktop
  3. Terminal Server


  • Works with any content
  • You can meet with others where you work
  • And, You can use any device
  • Also, You can record what you are doing

Try NoMachine

What is the security risk of remote access?

You might be worried about the security of remote access. While controlling pc from mobile, Remote connections could be a gateway for cyber-criminals to access your device’s data and hackers could use the Remote Desktop protocol to remotely access computers. Malware may be able to attack a weakness in the router

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How to protect your computer while using remote access?

There is the availability of ways to help protect your device’s data such as files, networks, etc. Follow few steps to protect your data:

  •  Firstly, Maintain stronger passwords that should make up of at least 8-12 characters including special characters, numbers and make it case sensitive by the capitalization of some letters.
  • Then, Use Multi-Factor 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)
  • Set an account lockout policy
  • And, Use VPN (Secure Virtual Network)
  • Maintain firewalls
  • Keep your software Update regularly
  • Set the limit of the remote access users

It can help businesses, individuals, and families in many ways but it’s also important to make access more secure.



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