Give juice or fruits to children young enough? Experts will tell you which is better for your health.

Special care must be taken when the child is young regarding his diet. We all want our children to have the best possible childhood. Parents are often concerned about what to feed their child, particularly if they are younger than one year. It is best to give baby milk until 6 months. After that, the baby can start solids. Parents are concerned about their child’s food, as they fear that solid foods will cause problems. The baby’s first teeth won’t come out until this age. Even if their teeth do come out, they still have trouble chewing food. Parents prefer liquids to solid food to give to their children. The most popular is giving juice to kids.

Many of us love to feed our babies fruits, but we prefer to give them fruit juices. It is believed that fruit juice is good for your health. The question is: Is it better to give juice to babies than to feed them fruits? Is giving juice to baby as beneficial as feeding fruits? We will find out from Dr. Sanchi Rastogi, MD Pediatrics, whether juice or fruit is better for babies.

What is more beneficial to feed fruit or juice?

Dr. Sanchi says that many people believe that children should be fed fruit juice rather than whole fruits because they don’t have the teeth to chew or bite them. Because fruits are high in fiber and offer different textures, it is better to feed your baby fruits than juices or other beverages. Eating fruits is good for your baby’s physical and oral health. According to the “Indian Academy of Pediatrics” (IAP), fruit juice should not be given to children under 2 years of old. A child aged 2-5 years old can have 125ml of juice per day. Children older than 5 years can have 20ml.

Why is fruit better than juice?

The juice only contains fruit juice. When the juice is extracted from a fruit, the pulp is removed. The juice is then separated from the pulp, which removes any fiber or other nutrients. The juice contains only fruit juice and sugar. Juices with fruit are high in calories. They are also very sweet. Whole fruits are better than juice, as they have more fiber and other essential nutrients. It is better to eat whole fruits than juice because it aids in digestion and absorption.

What are the recommendations of experts?

It can cause your baby to ingest more juice than fruits. Too much fruit juice can cause problems such as abdominal pain, flatulence and diarrhoea. Fruits with a seedless pulp, such as banana pulp, papaya pulp, and mango pulp, are great for young children. Avoid too small or hard pieces of cut fruit, as this can make it difficult for babies to chew.

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