Drinking too much mango shake may cause these five harms to health.


Mango is among the most favored fruits of everyone. In the summer, we consume lots of mangoes. They are extremely beneficial to overall health. Mango is a rich source of nutrients that helps fight off a variety of serious illnesses and also provides essential nutrients to our bodies. Many also prefer making mango shakes and drink it. Mango shakes are nutritious and delicious because many dry fruits and nuts are included along with milk and mango. It is often observed that many individuals prefer drinking mango shakes rather than consume mango, and then drink several glasses of mango shakes a day. It can be very detrimental for your overall health. This article we’ll be taught by Ayurvedic physician Dr. Aishwarya Santosh about the damage to your health that can be resulted from drinking too much Mango Shake and the reasons behind it.

What is the reason why excessive consumption of mango shakes detrimental to health?

As per the Dr. Aishwarya Santosh, according to Ayurveda, Mango Shake is an anti-diet. The properties of mango and milk differ from one another. Combining both is extremely harmful to health. Virudha diet is a mixture of two food items that have distinct qualities from one another. Milk is sweet after digestion and mango is sour after digestion. The effects that follow digestion of mango and milk differ. It can affect your metabolism and can cause excessive fat and toxins to your body. In the long term it could cause a variety of health issues, including: inflammation, skin conditions and digestive problems respiratory ailments, weakening immunity, and frequent colds. it may even impact fertility.

Negative Effects of Drinking Mango Shake in Summer

1. Increases body temperature

The mango flavor is spicy. Mango shakes may cause you to feeling colder for a brief duration, but if you consume it excessively, it will increase the body’s temperature.

2. Weight Gains

The calories contained in mango is extremely high. This is the reason why experts in fitness do not advise the consumption of mango shakes to those seeking to lose weight or keep a healthy weight.

3. The stomach is damaged

Consuming too much mango shakes can cause upset to your stomach since it alters the way you digest. Additionally there are other issues like diarrhea, vomiting nausea, bloating and nausea.

4. Could cause a spike in Blood Sugar

People suffering from diabetes and prediabetes should steer clear of drinking mango shakes. Mangoes contain a lot of sweetness and results in a rise the blood sugar. Therefore, they should be avoided.

5. May cause skin allergies

The combination of mango and milk may result in skin allergies for certain individuals. There could be itching or rashes, as well as patches of skin.

What are the top expert’s recommendations?

Mango is healthy in a variety of ways. If you are looking to take advantage of the advantages of mango’s health benefits take a look at eating mango in the form of a single serving. Avoid drinking shakes and if you do consume it, do it in a limited amount.

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